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The Cambridge MindEd Conference

On Friday March 18th 2016, The Trust hosted the inaugural Cambridge MindEd Trust Conference on Mental Health at St Catharine’s College, Cambridge University.

The primary focus of this event was the prevention of psychological trauma and disorder in young people via wellbeing and emotional resilience programmes, protocols and technologies, delivered primarily via the education system. Associated themes included early intervention, care pathways and suicide prevention. It is imperative that we prevent young people reaching crisis and substantially reduce the concomitant burden on the public health system, which is presently overwhelming. Specific attention was directed towards modifying the education and health systems to produce better outcomes for young people.

By design, this was a “cross-denomination” event, which brought together national and international expertise from across the health, education, political and academic communities in order to achieve consensus, understanding, knowledge transfer and a common agenda for change. This was explicitly intended to reduce sector fragmentation, compare best practice and consider leading edge methods from the national and international arenas.

Very importantly, this event was also a “vertical” forum which combined the local health & education system and local community with the national mental health infrastructure and sector leadership. In addition to being a thought leadership event, this conference was also a landmark community level event, combining grassroots knowledge and experience with the national policy agenda. There was an explicit desire to consider the translation of the national policy agenda into local practice and a real-world context. Strong emphasis was placed on a “top-to-bottom”, mutual exchange of perspectives, enabling policy makers to listen to community level concerns and local health & education leaders and community representatives to better understand and appreciate the national agenda. This was not an “ivory tower” event.

To reflect this, speakers and attendees comprised a broad cross-section of senior sector stakeholders and community leaders. Critically, young people were well represented.

Speakers included:

Rt. Hon. Alistair Burt MP, Minister for Community & Social Care, Department of Health
Rt. Hon. Norman Lamb MP, Former Minister of State (Health)
NHS England – Dr Geraldine Strathdee, National Clincial Director, Mental Health
University of Cambridge – Professor Ian Goodyer, Chair of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
Public Health England – Gregor Henderson, National Lead (Mental Health & Wellbeing)
Dalhousie University (Canada) – Dr Stanley Kutcher, Chair, Adolescent Mental Health
Department of Education – Natasha Devon, Mental Health Champion
Rt Hon. Heidi Allen MP, South Cambridgeshire
Hills Road Sixth Form College – Andrew Flint, Head of Wellbeing
Youth Select Committee on Mental Health – Francesca Reed
Student Minds – Rosie Tressler, Chief Executive Officer
Mental Health Matters (Sheffield University) – Jenny Thompson, Counselling Service Liaison
Mental Health Foundation – Isabella Goldie, Director of Development
IESO Digital Health – Andrew Blackwell, Chief Scientific Officer
Public Health Directorate, Cambridgeshire County Council – Liz Robin, Director of Public Health
The Matthew Elvidge Trust – Hamish Elvidge, Chairman
Dulwich College – Sarah Griffiths, Head of Wellbeing
Charlie Waller Memorial Trust – Dr Pooky Knightsmith, Director
Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) – Caroline Hounsell – Director of Partnerships & Business
MQ: Transforming Mental Health – Cynthia Joyce – Chief Executive
Author, Mental Health Campaigner & Ambassador for SANE – Rachel Kelly
Cambridge University – Geraldine Dufour, Head of Counselling
Mental Health Campaigner, Writer and Film Producer – Jonny Benjamin

The MindEd Trust are grateful for the support of St Catharine’s College, Ashton KCJ, IESO Digital Health and the Schools, Students & Teachers Network (SSAT) in staging this event.

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